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RemindToShop is the solution. Search from an ever increasing list of products.

Our partners update the items and offers quickly so you can easily find an item.

Verified businesses to assure that the data is genuine.


What is RemindToShop?

RemindToShop is a product born out of the difficulty in finding a product or service when in need. In the busy life you cannot visit all the stores snailing through the heavy traffic to find an item.
No need to wait for the online shopping sites to deliver a product in more than 2 days and which is not what is advertised.

How to use Remindtoshop?

Open the app and enter the name of item you want to buy. Press the 'Select Store' button. Our intelligent services will deliver you list of nearest partner stores that sell the item. You can add the item to the cart and navigate to the store.

The app notify you when you are near a store you selected so you don't to buy an item.

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